Tin Canteen


Kidney shaped style documentable from French and Indian War period. Also good for Revolutionary War. 8" high including spout, 5" wide. Holds about 1 quart. Made of tin plated steel and lined with brewer's pitch.  Cord strap and stopper included, but may vary from what is pictured.  Handmade in the U.S.A.

How to care for tin:



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Capt. Harold Percy
Officer's Canteen

I represent a British officer on campaign (usually in the South). This canteen has held up through the six years that I have had it. It is prone to rust in spots, especially at the neck, if you aren't careful, but it's tin! The brewer's pitch does provide protection, but also a foul taste at hot events, so I often use a cup instead if it is very warm outside.



Doesn't really seem to last

Period correct and I know some people can make these last but my experience with the tin canteens is that they are good for 12-18 months before they develop a leak, something you'll probably notice at an embarrassing time.

Yes you ca re-coat it with pitch and the like but this is a lot of work. just spring the extra bucks for the steel one you'll be a lot happier.

John Drake
Tin Canteen

I've had my tin canteen for several years now and have had no problems at all.
I've heard some folks say it won't last, it will rust, ect..
I keep it clean and wiped down with a coat of mineral oil.
I might try some beeswax and fat mixture too and see how that works.

Edmund Martin
Nice Canteen

This is a nice tin canteen; definitely more period than a stainless steel one! The only problem is rusting, but it comes nice and bright; if you get 'shot' in a re-enacted battle, you will have to be careful, because it dents easily. A few dents may help your persona, but you don't want too many.