Block Printed Cotton Cravat - Black Border


  • Three Color Variants
  • Floral Design
  • 100% Cotton

Cravats are essential for completing your 17th, 18th, or 19th century attire. These block printed designs are warm and vibrant, but not distracting. They are perfect for adding that spark of color that brings your whole ensemble together! Measuring approximately 72" x 14 " and made 100% of cotton, these cravats are made to last. Imported

Item # S-3142

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Johnson, C
Excellent print quality

This cravat is a stylish addition to my civilian persona. I look forward to using it this summer.

1812 cannoner
Great, but!

I love it, my wife bought the kercheif to match it. My only wish is that it is longer my thick neck makes it hard to wrap around more than once. I just use a barrel knot to tie mine though so no worries!

Jebediah the Gyro Captain
Great as a bandana, too!

I bought this cravat in black/olive/brick because I wanted something a little more substantial than a handkerchief or bandana. The quality of the cloth is perfect; heavy enough to last a long time but not so heavy it feels like wearing a scarf. The block printing is historically correct, and the colors are muted (but not drab). Possibly best of all, the design is printed specifically for a cravat. This really is a cravat, not just a piece cut from larger cloth.