Backwoods of Canada


The Backwoods of Canada is a collection of personal letters written by Catherine Parr Traill and published in 1836. The book was intended to equip other women immigrants with a realistic view of what life was like on the wilderness frontier of Canada. Great book for helping us to understand what it was really like on the frontier and what skills were needed. More than 340 pages of facsimile text, softback.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
NC Dave
A Window to Life in early Canadian Territory

This was originally intended as just a gift for my wife who does historical research on our family trees. However, it proved so interesting that I had to take the liberty of reading it before I wrapped it. I found it difficult to put down and full of details usually glossed over by other writers who have had their works re-published recently. Well bound, easy to read, and a nice addition to the library. I liked it.

Early north American settlers were tough

The hardships in the back woods in early Canadian history came alive in this book. This family carved out a farm in the wilderness where no roads, stores or comforts of civilization. I would recommend anyone interested in early north american history or how families fared in the wilderness to read this book. I highly recommend this book, and thank Townsend's for reprinting this journal from an early north american house wife.