A Delightful Recreation CD


Featured Songs preformed by The Sons of Liberty:

1. Garryoin
2. A-Roving / The Trooper Watering his Nag
3. Ramsgate Assembly
4. The Miller of the Dee
5. The Touchstone
6. The Hunter's Chorus
7. Gavotte
8. Sonata
9. The Three Ravens / Johnny Cope
10. 18th Century Hymns
11. The Flowers of Edinburgh
12. Bonnie Portmore
13. La Musica Notturna Delle Strade di Madrid
14. Over the Hills and Far Away (vocal)

Made in USA

Item # M-3627

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jerry Phares

Just got my order today, including this CD. I'll be sure & get the other Sons of Liberty CD you carry & be on the lookout for future releases.
Very talented young brothers.

Excellent Selection

I have the first CD from The Sons of Liberty and this is a perfect successor to that CD. I'm no music expert, but the selections are charming, interesting, and a joy to listen to. My favorite song will always be Over the Hills and Far Away, and this new version is even better than the first! I've been listening to it with a smile on my face since it arrived on my doorstep.

I can't wait for the next CD!

E. Kidd
A time traveling musical experience

A delightful mixture of folk songs, hymns, "chamber music," and dance tunes, this album has something for everyone. Delightful to the ear and to the heart!

Jim Guinn
Another Excellent Album from The Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty have selected a snippet from one of Thomas Jefferson’s letters as the title of their new CD, A Delightful Recreation, and a true delight are the tunes chosen and played by these three young musicians in this second collection of songs dedicated to the music of early America.

A Delightful Recreation is a combination of Irish, British, French, Scottish, Italian and German songs many of which were favorites of Thomas Jefferson and were contained in his personal music library. Stirring marching songs, popular sea chanteys, delightful dance tunes, historical ballads, popular hymns, passionate laments, songs from operettas, operas, plays, and even a favorite song played by Jefferson when he was courting his future wife make up the twelve songs in this album. All were “songs of the day” during Jefferson’s life time.

It is a great companion to their first CD, Celebrating Early American Traditions, and A DELIGHTFUL CD!

Follow these fine young musicians at "The Friends of The Sons of Liberty" on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sonsoflibertytrio