18th Century Workshirt - Osnaburg


The style used for over 100 years, well into the 19th century. Authentic cut with neck and sleeve gussets. Made of cotton osnaburg which is a coarser unbleached fabric usually for working class folk. This fabric has a real homespun look. Generously cut.


Usually in stock. Please allow 2-4 weeks if it needs to be made. Please call or email to check availability.

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Item # OH-124

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good shirt for the winter

Good shirt, generously cut but has smaller wrist openings and a good material. Also comes with a card with the name of the person who made it. Comes to about the knees on most people(5 11") and keeps the cold out.

Uncle Duddy
Perfect in every way

I purchased one of these shirts years ago. It has been an excellent shirt in every way. Wears super comfortably, washes well, and I love the loose fit. Noted, I did have to sew the button back on once. But I'm pretty sure that was because I tumble dry this shirt in the dryer. I did an excellent job staining mine up with paint, and tree sap and automotive fluids (because I wore it all the time). My only wish is that it came in black. However I was not disappointed with this shirt.

Honestly, one of my favourite shirts

I was given this shirt nearly four years ago from the costume chest of a brig I did sail training on. They had bought it secondhand, so it was quite well used when it came to me and it certainly is one tough shirt. It's survived (multiple) falls into rivers, several stage productions and any number of strenuous circumstances. It is extremely comfortable and I love wearing it.

I looked up the company when I got it, and have since bought a number of Townsends products, all of which were to the same excellent standard.

Great shirt

An all around great shirt. Indeed it has that look of homespun, is comfortable, and so far as I can tell, durable. A good purchase indeed.

Tough and durable

If you're looking for a "common man" shirt, then this is probably it. The fabric is very tough and durable, and can take one heck of a beating. The only downsides are that the fabric does not stretch (hence the bagginess of the sleeves and the shirt) and the fabric is a bit on the scratchy side, so if you have sensitive skin, then you should wear something under it. However, I absolutely love this thing! It washes easily, and the thickness of the fabric keeps me really warm in cooler weather. Works well for any re-enactment costume from the Renaissance up to the early 1800s.