18th Century Reproduction Glasses


Finish off your period outfit with truly authentic looking spectacles. An exact reproduction of an original pair in our collection that date from about 1785. Nicely made of black metal with double-hinged temple pieces. These are very high quality frames made exclusively for us by an eyewear manufacturer. Clear sample lenses are included in the round 1-3/16" openings - ready to have your prescription installed at your local optometry shop (let us know and we will loosen the screws for you)  or they are available with 2X lenses. This style can usually fit bifocals but not trifocals.


Width:  4 7/8"

Length:  6 1/2"

Nose Piece:  1"

Center to Center:  2 3/8"

Lens:  1 1/4"

Bevel: Hide-a-bevel/V bevel. There is a safety bevel on the backside of the magnified lens.

Imported from China

Item # GL-791

Watch a video about our eyewear (instructions for widening frames included).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Very authentic and a good purchase.

Bernadette Rogoff
Just Perfect

I work as a curator at a museum with four 18th century historic sites. I often dress in Colonial garb for many of our events. These eyeglasses are incredibly comfortable even after a long day of tours and spinning and weaving demonstrations. I've even worn them while in our colonial kitchen garden, and they hug my temples just enough to keep from slipping! The frames presented no problems for my local vision store to add prescription lenses. These eyeglasses really elevate my overall appearance, and even serve as an interesting talking point with visitors!

James M. S.
Excellent quality

These frames are well constructed. They feel good after wearing for many hours. At $40 they are an excellent value.

Alex Russell
Fantastic frames

I'm extremely nearsighted, and these frames rock. My prescription is ridiculous (approx. -9.5 in each eye), so protecting my good glasses is a good move. They're comfortable and easy to wear, no complaints.

S Elkind
Hinge digs into head and nose bridge is sharp

Purchase with care: The temples are VERY long, and the hinge digs will dig into your head; also the nose bridge has sharp edges that may dig into your nose.

To make these wearable, I had to cut the hinge out of the temple and solder the pieces together, bend the end of the temple down, and reforge the nose bridge to take the sharp edge out.

Given that these are JAS Townsend's smallest glasses, the temples are much too long. I would recommend that they redesign these to either eliminate the hinge and shorten the temple, or move the hinge forward by an inch or more so that it no longer rests against the wearer's head.

I would not buy these again, even though I was able to make them work.