18th Century Cookery DVD Series 8


Includes: Norfolk Dumplings, Barley Gruel, Onion Pie, “Tiny Purses” (Date Turnovers), “Black Caps” (Baked Apples), Bread in the Dutch Oven, “Rump au Ragout” (Pot Roast) in the Dutch Oven, Bread Pudding in the Dutch Oven, “Beef-Stake Pye,” Lemon Minced Pie, “A Marinade for Chicken” (Fried Chicken), Cheese Curd Fritters, Summer Succotash, “A French Salad,” “Indian Slapjacks,” “Journey Cakes,” “To Fry Sliced Potatoes” (Curly Fries), Pound Cakes, Apple Pasties, Rye and Indian Bread, Pork a la Normand, Samp Cakes, and Parmesan Ice Cream.

Made in USA

Item # V-5008

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