10" Pewter Plate


Made from a durable pewter-like alloy. This plate is made of food safe materials and is virtually unbreakable. We recommend you hand wash this dish as many dishwasher detergents can discolor the finish. Weighs approximately 2lbs 5oz. Made in the USA.

Item # PP-762

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carolina Jake ( Vinnie De)
Best Plate

Well this is the second plate I've purchased from Townsend and my review is the same as the first one. I am very pleased with the personal at at Townsends three Huzzahs from me.

Carolina Jake. Vinnie De
Great looking Plate

This plate looks great can't wait to use it tonight. I compared it to my pewter tavern mug and it looks very close to pewter. Very pleased with this order. The service and the shipping
are always excellent. I definitely recommend this.

LOVE these!

I’ve been searching for these very same plates and this is by far the best price I’ve ever seen. The plates are substantial and SO nice. We’ve had fun experimenting with 18th c. cooking and using these plates just helps complete the experience. Really love these and plan to get more.

Deb. C.
Pewter items

Really enjoy the pewter items. At this point in time I have the plates the mugs and that really nice 2qt. pewter bowl. All items are very nice.

rather disapointed

when i received this plate i immediately noticed it looked quite odd. the sand cast Finnish on the back is nothing like ive ever seen on period examples. but could potentially be polished off. after that i noticed they took the description of pewter like alloy quite broad. i would have expected this to be made out of Britannia metal or something alike which is indeed like pewter but harder and contains antimony instead of lead. but now it was not. even worse this plate is not even made of any tin containing alloy its made out of a aluminium allow which is off course completely non period.

on the better side of things
the plate is very robust and heavy and will not likely be damaged easily
the weight however makes it less suitable for camping