What do I do if I received the wrong item?   Please contact customer service for instructions and/or jump to the Returns section of this page for more information. Please do not send back without contacting us first.

How can I place an order?   You can order online, by mail, or by phone.

Do you have a physical store front?  Yes, but it is a warehouse and is by appointment only, Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST. If you look us up on the Internet, it will still say we have hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, those are our phone hours, not appointment times. We do have restrictions from November through January where we only take pick-up orders and do not do offer direct shopping experiences, so please ensure you read about the physical store front before making an appointment. You can read that Here.

What are your phone hours?   We take phone orders and queries from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday. Google says we are closed Mondays and Friday, but our phones are open on those days. On occasion someone from customer service may be in early or staying late and answer before 9:00 am or after 5:00 pm EST, but it is not standard. Same thing may happen if you call Saturday or Sunday and someone picks up. These are not normal practices, but can happen on occasion. If you are calling after hours, you can leave a message and we will call back the following business day. Since we do not always know where our customers are calling from, we do wait to respond to voicemails until after 12:00 pm EST to make sure we are not calling the west coast at an inappropriate time. The exception is if it is regarding an online order and we can see you are in a time zone that is acceptable to call first thing in the morning.

If I come to your store, will you measure me?   Yes, we can measure you but we are by appointment only Tuesday through Thursday. However, since we will need a seamstress, you'll need to make an appointment for either Tuesday or Thursday since our seamstresses are not in on Wednesdays. Appointments can be made anytime from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm EST for being measured. Please note that when you come in for measurements, this is not a guarantee that the clothing will be a perfect fit or even fit. While the majority of the time it is not an issue, we have taken in-store measurements and the clothing still does not fit due to the varying body shapes or deciding to wear the garment a little differently than what was measured. If we have the items in stock, you can try them on to determine if the fit will work for you, however, we cannot guarantee we will have that in stock to try on. Our clothing is pattern-based so it will not be a tailored look on most of our customers and sometimes our clothing doesn't work for everyone either.

Can I return an item I don't like?  Usually, please refer to our Return Policy Here, or keep reading below. We always suggest contacting us first, as there are stipulations on certain products such as seconds and custom-made items.

Returns   We always suggest contacting Customer Service first as we can't always take back a return. Below we have outlined some of the circumstances step-by-step, but we do like to know ahead of time if something is coming back.

I received a damaged or incorrect item.   Always contact Customer Service first, please do not ship back as a return. We will send you the new item, along with return shipping. If you send it back to us, we may only be able to refund a portion of the shipping depending on how it was sent to us. However, if you contact us first, you will not have to pay the shipping.

**Please note, we will ask for pictures on damaged items before we send the correct item and shipping. Sometimes normal characteristics of an item are perceived as damage or unnecessary flaws so we will want to go over those before we initiate a return for a damaged or flawed item.

What are the stipulations for a return?  Item(s) to be returned need to be standard with no alterations and is being returned within 30 days of receiving it. Even if you are not using the item(s) right away, we expect you to inspect the product(s) as soon as you receive the package. It also has to be returned in its original plastic packing, preferably undamaged. If it is past 30 days since it was received, or the original packing is missing, it may be subject to a restock fee. Additionally, custom items are not returnable, although we may make certain exceptions. For either past 30 days or a custom garment, you will need to contact Customer Service first, in order to have authorization and further instructions for the return. Before contacting us about returning a custom garment, please read more on custom garments below.

Returns on custom clothing:  Returns on custom clothing is NOT permitted. At the time of the order we walk you through the policy of not being able to return the garment, as well as once it has been paid for it cannot be cancelled and measurements cannot be changed. We may make an exception on a return, but there will be a minimum 20% restocking fee, we will not remake the custom garment, and you will not be able to order any kind of custom clothing from us in the future. If you call to ask if it can be returned, but do not return it, you will still be ineligible for custom items in the future.

What is needed for every return?   We prefer to have the return form filled out, along with a copy of your packing slip. This helps us identify the order when information is different in the billing and shipping addresses.

How do I fill out the form? Usually all clothing orders will have a return form in the package. If you see an order form, it is on the back of this. If not, you can click Here, to print and fill out the second page. If you do not have access to a printer, please put in a note with your billing and shipping address, along with if we are exchanging or refunding the product. If you are sending back your packing slip, you don't need the addresses, just let us know what we are doing with the return.

What if I want to add an item to my exchange?   You can add an item to the return/exchange, however, at that point you will owe an additional shipping charge. You can either send a check for the $8 shipping or we can call you when we receive the exchange to collect the shipping.

I need to return an item, but I need the replacement quick.   Returns can take 2-4 weeks from when you send it back to us, to the time it takes to process, ship, and then receive the exchange. If you are needing the replacement quickly, we suggest making a new order for the new size, and then we will refund the return when it arrives to us.

How do I place a note on my order?   If you have a note regarding shipping carriers, express shipping, shipping delays, special shipping instructions, customizations, need dates, omitting the packing slip, placing a card in the package, or any other information regarding the order it is best that you call or email us right after the order is placed. You can respond directly to the confirmation email and we will confirm that with you once we receive it. Additionally, you can also place a note while ordering, but on occasion it will not come through on our end, or it is missed. If we have not confirmed with you, the note you requested, then it means we did not receive it. We usually confirm within a few hours of the order being placed, or the following morning if you've ordered past 2:00 pm EST. If you're ordering over the weekend, we will not respond from 2:00 pm EST Friday afternoon through Monday morning 9:00 am EST. You can place a note online by going to "My Cart" and finding the box below the paragraph about shipping and note information. The note can be placed there. You will not be able to leave a note if you are in the checkout process.

Can I have a custom piece of clothing made? It depends on what kind of customization you are looking for. You will need to contact customer service by phone or email to discuss the garment in question. We prefer to have a picture of what you are wanting if it's not size changes. All custom clothing will have a minimum $20 customization fee, it may be more depending on what is being done. Custom clothing is also not returnable, cannot be cancelled, and measurements cannot be changed after the order has been paid for.

Things we can usually do: Sleeve length alterations, neck measurement alterations, lengthening or shortening of shirts only, remove collar on linen coat, change color on melton coats, linen coat can be wool, civilian coat can be linen, remove pocket flaps, combine the 1770s and 1750s waistcoat for more of a "Jacobite" style waistcoat, hunting frocks without collars, skirts can be shortened in the waist and length, color and pattern on French and English bodice, change of color for cotton work caps, line things in white shirt linen, add ties or hook and eyes to the shortgowns, cotton shirt and chemise color change, gold trim on hats, sometimes make things in bigger sizes, and different buttons.

Things we cannot do: Make a garment from a new pattern. We can sometimes alter our current pattern, but we are not able to make new styles that we do not already carry. Add a collar to the civilian coat. Add suspender buttons to Fall Front or Fly Front Breeches and Trousers. Make the linen coat out of melton wool. Add pockets for watches. Line garments that come unlined.

Returns on custom clothing:  Returns on custom clothing is NOT permitted. At the time of the order we walk you through the policy of not being able to return the garment, as well as after it has been paid for it cannot be cancelled and measurements cannot be changed. We may make an exception on a return, but there will be a minimum 20% restocking fee, we will not remake the custom garment, and you will not be able to order any kind of custom clothing from us in the future. If you call to ask if it can be returned, but do not return it, you will still be ineligible for custom items in the future.

Is your pottery dishwasher and microwave safe?   In general we do not recommend putting our pottery in either the dishwasher and microwave. An exception would be the Handmade Nutmeg Tavern Mugs which are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

What carrier do you ship through?  USPS is our preferred method, if you would like UPS or FedEx please contact customer service before placing an order. An additional fee may apply.

Can I expedited my order?   Yes, all expedited orders need to be brought to attention and paid for by 10 am EST for same day shipment. Please contact customer service by phone or email to discuss how to expedite.

Do you ship Internationally?   Yes, although some countries we are unable to ship to. This can be determined by going to the checkout and seeing if your country is listed. If it is not, it means we are unable to. Feel free to email us about exceptions we may be able to make. We also advise all International customers read through our International page located Here.

How long will it take to receive my item?   In stock items usually ship within 1-2 business days of placing the order. Clothing varies, please refer to the product page description for the timeline. You can also call or email us about current inventory.

How do I receive a tracking number and/or confirmation email?    Ordering online produces an automatic email for confirmation of order, shipment of order, and delivery of order. If you order over the phone or my mail, we are unable to provide a confirmation and tracking email automatically.

Do you have wholesale pricing?   No, we do not offer wholesale pricing.

Do you offer bulk quantity discounts?    No, we do not offer any bulk discounts.

Do you offer military or senior citizen discounts?    No, we do not offer any type of discount unless a sale is going on.

How do I care for my clothing?   Please see our clothing care page Here.

How do I leave feedback on an item?   The only way to write a published review is to go to the product page and go past the description. You should be able to then review the product.

How do I take care of tin products?   Please watch the video Here.

How do I take care of iron?   Please watch the video Here.

How do I take care of copper products?   Please watch the video Here.

How do I put buckles on my shoes?   If you are in the area, you can make an appointment and we will put them on for you. You should have also received paper instructions detailing how to put them on, you can contact customer service and they will send a copy of those instructions. You can also watch this video Here.

I can't get a hold of you, what should I do?   We usually respond to all emails and phone calls either the same or following business day. If you have not heard from us, we suggest checking junk and spam folders or listening to your voicemail. If none of these places produces a message from us, try contacting us again. If we haven't responded, it means we haven't gotten the voicemail or email.

Can I send an order as a gift?   Yes, you can send an order as a gift for deliveries within the US, and we will replace the packing slip with a card and personalized note. We do not have wrapping capabilities, but we can send the items in an unmarked box if you do not want the Townsends' Logo on it. In order to accomplish this, we need to know immediately after the order is placed. This can be done by emailing or calling customer service. Additionally, you can also put a note on the order. However, if we do not confirm with you received the note, go ahead and contact us, as on occasion the note will not come through. The note is placed in "My Cart" only if you are doing it online instead of contacting customer service. 

International Gifts?   We can send a card with a note along with the order, but we are not able to omit the packing slip with prices on it per custom's requirements of a business. Additionally, we cannot send it as a gift on our end, because as a business it is not a gift from us. This means the receiving person may be subject to the taxes and fees required by the country. If you order the items to be shipped to you and send it yourself through your local post, you can mark the package as a gift. The taxes and fees shouldn't be collected, but it's not guaranteed.