Mechanical Pencil - Short


It's a special version of our mechanical pencil that is made to fit into a traveling inkstand. Features a 3-1/2" long graphite lead on one end only. If you run out replacement lead is available. We'll have you journaling again in no time.

Made in USA

Item # PC-240

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great scrib. Perfect for a scout pack.

Pedro Diaz Jr.
Just Perfect!

I love to sketch my experiences in my journal during my frontier camps so that one day my children can visualize them. But carrying a pencil around was both a risk, for losing the pencil, breaking in my pouch or puncturing my pouch. I also wanted a period correct pencil as well.

So I found this amazing item, and not only does it meet all of my needs just mentioned, it also fits in my hand comfortably, it is a great sketching pencil, but best of all it is designed to fit in my Townsends Brass traveling Inkstand! So cool!!! It is just perfect.

Walter Calser
Great Little Mechanical Pencil

I'm an Artist and I love sketching and believe it or not, how the pencil feels in your hand is truly a big deal (well at least for me it is).

Also the weight can be a factor as well, if it's too light or heavy it can be bothersome, so you have to find the Goldilocks one.

I love short pencils and brushes and this one is absolutely perfect.

The brass adds a little weight and it feels nicely balanced too and it fits well in the hand.

Simple to change the lead and the lead itself is super strong, NOT fragile at all.

So if you're looking for a good field pencil for writing while hiking or camping or one for sketching, this Mechanical Pencil will be perfect for any task needed.