Folding Lap Desk


This beautiful hardwood folding lap desk includes two styluses and a box of nibs along with a bottle of ink. It has room for lots of neat stuff in the holes and hiding spots. Closed measures 15-3/4" X 10" X 3-3/4" and unfolds to 15-3/4" X 20-1/2" X 3-1/4" with a writing surface of 12". Imported from China.

Item # WD-78

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jacob S
Great Desk

Ordered this desk along with another journal yesterday afternoon, got it today (2/15/20)!

This desk is very nice, with a very simple and easily accessible design. You have the top compartment that holds the very beautiful wooden stylus’ you receive, along with an eclectic and generous box of some 8-10 nibs. You also receive a very large black ink bottle. There is a compartment on the “desk” potion which can be accessed by a taking off the “desk board.” I use it to hold my new journal.

For the price you get two wood stylus’ a box of nibs and a large ink bottle which would probably last you 8-15 months depending on how much you write. The desk as I’ve said is wonderful and I love it. Couldn’t be more pleased with Townsend’s products and arrival time.

Really nice piece

This is a great piece my only criticism is the Philips screws are not period. Mine was smooth and functional I added more pens and pencils and compact candle holders and candles Townsends offer a couple of options for writing after dark.

An appealing desk

recently received this lap desk after holding back for a short while on buying it. Overall it is very good and functional. There is a lot of storage space and it has a comfortable writing angle. It is a very attractive looking desk that you'll get enjoyment out of. The ink included exceeded my expectations of quality for use with a dip pen/quill.

If there were a couple of things I could say I'm not as fond of- not a huge deal, but the surface has many pockmarks that can easily ruin the flow of the nib/pen if there isn't another piece of paper underneath it. I do wish that this was a custom made piece for the price, as "imported" translates to "Made in China".