Chatelaine Brass Pencil


The style of this pencil dates to 1680. Also called a porta crayon. 2-3/4” long, perfect for wearing on a chatelaine, lanyard, or watch fob. Brass construction holds a sturdy lead that should last a long time. If you should run out replacement lead is available.

Made in USA

Item # PC-238

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Customer Reviews

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This is a fine tool for journaling and drawing of all sorts. Very well made. Don’t often find items made with care or quality anymore. This is something that will last forever.

Erick Darkheart
almost perfect

An overall excellent writing tool that does what its intended to do, the graphite moves as smoothly as a modern pencil which I love for quick sketches.

4 stars because my particular piece's brass housing is slightly flawed. Its not perfectly straight and the ring at the top is off-center. This does not effect the functionality at all and I still recommend the product, but for someone like me who is a stickler about visuals, I'm a bit disappointed that its not 1/1 what is pictured.

Corey L. Blatt
Chatelaine Brass Pencil

Purchase this pencil a few weeks ago. For being small as it is. What I like about it. Fits good in the hand. Take your time. What I like about the led. I haven't even put any ware into it.

Over a year a ago. Purchased the mechanical pencil. Led on both sides. Use it for drawing, and for writing letters out to family members. The led in that pencil hasn't even worn down that I could see. Price for the led pencils. Fits well, and worth it. Hardly put a dent into the led.



I bought one on a whim. I often wear it as a necklace. It writes well, very well made and makes me smile every time I wear it.

An excellent little pencil to match my antiques.

I decided to buy this on account of the readily available and very thick lead it writes with, which is, for the genuine antiques I had in the past, very hard to come by in their awkward sizes, demanding so much as $30 for some original lead!

The lead provided is exceptionally durable and smooth, friction-fit very tightly in the gorgeously soldered brass, while the pencil is just large enough to rest comfortably in my medium-size hand while I write, and is quite a nice match to the antique winding brooch I intended it to pair with.

As something I mean to serve as my one and only pencil, I have no regrets in buying this product.