Chemise in Plain White Cotton


Also called a shift. Worn night and day by 18th century women as the main undergarment. It was never worn in public without a bodice or a gown covering it. Made of white muslin with a drawstring at the neck and sleeves.

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Made in USA

Item # SH-122

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It's ok but the neckline opening isn't made to be put on bottom up. The tie neckline ribbon actually serves no purpose.

Carole Mayer

Thank you Arnella! The sewing of my chemise is perfect and the cotton is best quality. I’m very pleased with the size.

Carolyn Watson
Cotton shift

I love it! I use these as a nightgown. Probably the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I also loved the bookmark that I received as a little extra. Thank you so much.

Great for everyday life

I buy these for my daughter to wear as nightgowns and as comfy house wear. She absolutely loves them! Over the years, we've bought many of them. They wash & wear well (some have been in hard use for years and are only now beginning to fall apart).

The only quibble I've had is that some of them are sewn with serged seams inside, which I far prefer because they are slimmer and more comfortable, and others have the inside seams finished with bulkier zig-zag stitching. I realize that it's because these are sewn by American seamstresses rather than in a big factory somewhere, but I do prefer the serged seams. Interestingly, once the chemises with the zig-zag seams are washed and worn a bit--and thus the fabric "relaxes"--they don't feel as bulky. And both seams have stood the test of washing & time, so I can't complain. Plus, I really appreciate that these are made in the USA!


This is well made and true to the description. Solid construction, and it machine washed easily. I was one inch between two sizes and chose the larger. The fit is roomy, but not baggy. I might have gotten away with the smaller size and may try that with my next order. No tightness at the shoulders or upper arm. This is an article of clothing whose usefulness allows for having at least two.

A versatile article of clothing that can easily be used in every day life as well as for reenactments/cosplay.