Primitive Cookery Book


  • Bound in Period Fashion
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Vegetarian Recipes

Originally printed in 1767, Primitive Cookery is an 18th century cookbook with a vegetarian emphasis. By modern standards, this 80-page cookbook promotes an Ovo-Lacto (including eggs and dairy products) vegetarian diet although some of the recipes do contain meat. It also lists 70 economical recipes for people of lesser means -- recipes which reportedly at the time did "not cost above two pence each." This edition is painstakingly reproduced using period-correct bindery techniques and facsimile text. A great library addition for anyone who prefers a vegetarian diet, or simply for anyone who collects cookbooks. 80 pages. Handcrafted in the USA.


Item # BK-627

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Amazingly cool book.

Bob Dungan
This is a delightfully little cookbook

The printer, The Colonial Printer & Bookbindery, has retained the original fonts and spelling. The spelling can give you a bit to work on, but, is not difficult to figure out. As with other cook books of this era there are no quantities for the most part, but, some old measurements are used here and there (Google them). It has recipes for some things I have never heard of one is skirrets a European vegetable. It is not like modern cookbooks that have exact measurements and instructions. Most of the recipes are straight forward and easy to understand, if you know how to cook. Some interpretation is required, makes it more fun right? Julia Child would love this book, almost all recipes call for butter. I am looking forward to making some of the recipes. I plan to make a ragoo of mushrooms tonight. I highly recommend is book

C. Hatch
Great addition

I collect cook books and this little tome, tho a modern printing, is as close to having the original printing.

Little Bunny Sunshine
Great Collection of Vegetable Based Recipes

I love the history of cooking and historic recipes, this is fantastic vegetable based recipe book! Eggs are included in many recipes if that is important to you. As with all antique recipes the measurements are mostly up to you (not a criticism, just a note for people unfamiliar with this kind of cookbook). Beautifully reprinted in the antique font. Recipes for puddings, casseroles, fritters, beers, pies, dumplings, soups and more! Useful, informative and a fun slice of history!

great book!

The vocabulary is a bit to chew through but otherwise this book has great cooking recipes!