Forged Tomahawk


  • Great for Chopping and Throwing
  • Hardwood Handle
  • Forged Steel
Full-sized tomahawk is excellent for wood chopping or competition throwing. Cutting edge is approx. 3½" to 4" wide. The hardwood handle is 17" to 18" long. The hawk weighs about 26 oz. with the handle. Imported.  Replacement handles and sheathes sold separately.
Imported from India
Item # TH-54
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    Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
work horse

I bought one of these many years ago, maybe '07. I usually keep it in my car. I can not even tell you how much use I have gotten out of it over the years. I agree, it does come very blunt. But once you get it sharpened, it seems like it lasts forever. I have used and abused it so much, and it is still as serviceable as ever.

great hawk

I got this hawk some time back, the edge comes dulled but if you have the means itll take a razor edge. my own issue is that the price of these has now dooubled. i got mine for 24 dollars. id buy mine again if it was 24 again.

Needs an edge... Great item though

Well made, balance seems ok. I threw a few coats of truoil on the handle so it wont shrink in the head. Fits it perfect. Took about 15-20 minutes to get an acceptable edge on it... I walked it through my stones for an hour, and i can shave with it. It has a fairly rough edge on it as shipped, itll do the job, but will probably work ya harder then it ought to. Not a complaint, just an observation. Couple minutes with a mill bastard file did wonders, and a lansky course puck got it to my bottom line gotta work. Walked it up to about a 2000 grit fine stone and im extremely pleased with the edge it took. Ive got some store bought knives that dont take an edge as well. Definitely a handy piece. Nice compliment to the kukri i edc.

Private Edmund Martin
Nice Tomahawk

Nice, large tomahawk; comes sharp enough to throw, but not much else. It would need to be sharpened at least some to split or cut wood. I have thrown mine probably around fifty times.

Very pleased

These arrived faster than expected. I purchased 2 hawks and 2 replacement handles. The quality is superb aside from some visible seams on one of the axes where it didn't forge weld properly. These arrived unsharpened with a bevel and work for throwing right out of the box. I threw them for a good hour and they are holding up well.