Knife and Fork Set


Very nice pair of utensils for eating in camp.   Based on the common 18th century examples.  Well made with bone handles and polished steel. Very sharp. Knife is 10" long and fork is 7" long.  Imported from India

Item # KF-160


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Capt. Harold Percy
Nice Utensils

These are nice, strong utensils. I have had mine for several years with no big issues. Yes, they do have some slightly crooked areas on the handles, but are overall very nice. Be prepared for some weight though if you are planning on carrying them for a long time.

scott a trerrotola

I love this set. They do require some care. The first week of use they did rust a bit. I've found that a little olive oil after each cleaning takes care of this problem. I've had my set for a few years now and they tarnished a bit - which I love. I wish I could upload a photo. They look fantastic.

Rusts Worst Than Anything I Have Ever Seen

I am all for authenticity, however when it comes to cutlery I was hoping that the "steel" meant "stainless steel." I was totally wrong. This item requires constant care with steel wool or other abrasive to get the rust off with EVERY MEAL. This is not practical when out in the field. I don't want to ingest heavy metals or other carcinogenic substances when I dine. Love the style, and I hope that Townsend offers a safer, lower maintenance version very soon.

Quite substantial.

These surprised us with how hefty they are. Very well made and sturdy. Perfect for completing our experience when we try some 18th c. receipts. My only complaint is that it arrived coated in a heavy oil which took quite a bit of scrubbing to get rid of. But otherwise we were quite pleased with these!

Len Vanerstrom
Not Well Made

These are made in India. Received mine a couple weeks ago. The knife is okay, but the fork in my set has a rivet that was loose and tines that are bent to the left. Does not seem well made.