Deluxe Redware Ribbed Pipe


This pipe is made of redware clay with a ribbed design and a bent reed stem. Stems are removable for easy cleaning. Handmade. Color and stem length will vary.

Made in USA

Item # P-502R

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Customer Reviews

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Very nice pipe!

Matthew white
Costume jewelry

So I recently just ordered this pipe. It arrived today and I'm reviewing it as one star. Because it seems that towns and has gone down Hill. I remember ordering a pipe from them back in 2011. Had a deeper bowl, it had a pirate skull and cross bones on it. And it was a church warden pipe. But the stem was made out of wood. The pipe bull itself was made out of clay which I was fine with and it actually smoked it was a proper pipe. This one a stamp is made out of bamboo. It looks like it was shaved right before shipping, right at the part of the stem that goes into the pipe. And it's smokes horribly. It looks like it's just a costume droid pipe. Just for show nothing more.
I'm a smoker I like smoking a pipe. I've hadd terrible Walmart pipes, terrible. Third party's website pipes that after about 4 or 5 smokes, the plastic that is made out of just brakes. Ice now smoked at a good 10 to 20 times and it's just not drying. It's just a terrible pipe to smoke. I expected better from Townsend. But yet the pipe was 20 bucks so I guess I should've realized that it was a hunk of junk. And sorry, if you're reading this and it's a little messed up. I'm using speech to text on my phone. Also, it's more difficult to type because of my MS which is affecting my eye, so I'm using speech to text. And the bowl is actually quite small. And I'm slowly trying to replace everything that was lost. But it looks like Townsend made stuff more expensive and cheaper quality.

Jeff Poulin
an excellent smoke

This truly is a leisure smoke. The stem is sturdy enough to support clenching but it is intended to be supported with a hand while sipping a libation or turning the pages of a book. The clay bowl does not affect the taste of the tobacco, each bowlful tastes fresh. Puffed gently, it will provide a thirty minute, satisfying smoke. And you will look good while indulging. Another great value from Townsends.

Tim B
Great pipe

Super nice pipe. The reed is very strong and I’m tired of my clay pipe stems breaking all the time. Very fast shipping as well!

Lori Fields
Pipe smokers delight

I smoke out of a hand carved ironwood pipe and had been searching for an alternative. The wooden pipe is nice but difficult to clean. Enter the Redware pottery pipe! It’s great quality and has that “Gandalf” feel with a long-ish stem. Not too delicate but not bulky. Fits beautifully in my hand. The long stem cools smoke before inhaling making for a nice smoke. And easy to clean as the stem simply pulls loose with a little tug. Yay! And you can’t beat the price. Would love to see different stem lengths offered for sale to change the look occasionally.