Tin Whistle


Very good choice for the beginner. Very easy to play and comes with an instruction sheet. Key of D.

Made in USA

Item # TW-394

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Remarkably easy to use, charming simple construction. No complaints at all, especially as I bought this with no prior experience playing similar instruments. If you're even considering getting into period music, this is for you. Amazing price too!

Excellent value

I purchased this for a friend and we've both been very impressed. I was assured in an email that it is indeed made of rolled tin, as opposed to the nickel-plated brass whistles commonly found on the market. It comes with a handy beginner's book with instructions and a few songs, which is very nice. The sound of the whistle is very airy and pleasant.

The only thing we can find to critique is that the wooden reed could have been made a little better. Ours came with some minour splinters, but it was simple enough to fix and I don't feel it detracts from the overall value.

Tin whistle fan

I received this Tin Penny Whistle as a Christmas gift. I played the scale included and tried the included songs but didn’t recognize them. Once I did a search for tin whistle songs on YouTube I found tons of how to videos with songs I recognize. My wife and I really enjoy music and this has been a lot of fun to play along and learn.

The whistle is good quality and it really is easy to learn. With a little practice on basic technique you can dive into learning songs that you like.