Slate and Pencil


These slates are 7-1/2" X 9-1/2" with a writing surface that is a little over 6"X 8". They come with a simple soapstone pencil. You can also use your own chalk if you want your writing to be bolder. They make great little signs too. One slate and one soapstone pencil. Imported from Portugal. Pencil style varies.

Item # S-3168

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Neater than a chalkboard

First, pencil comes wrapped separately so make sure you don't lose it in the packing material.
Pencil was a long, flat piece of soapstone (like narrow carpenter pencil) Love that it doesn't break, smear or get on hands/clothes like chalk. You need to really rub it with a cloth (or wet it) to erase marks.
I love the slate but wish there was some way to attach the pencil to the board (such as a hole in each so they could be attached with a string). Or else be able to buy replacement soapstone pencil. The price doesn't seem bad until kid loses pencil first day! (Finally found it)

Better than iPad

I second the previous reviews. I find kids love these. They are the same size and shape as an iPad tablet but with two "screens" I put a handle on the stylus. We really enjoy the one we have and the ones I've given.


Ever since I was a kid, and saw a slate board on Little House, I have wanted one. This board is nice solid heavy slate, with a stone like slate pencil, that lasts. I also use chalk, works nicely. I aged the wooden part of my board with a bit of over brewed coffee. It left a nice medium stain on the wood and aged it beautifully. The guys at Townsends sell things they personally select and you can be confident in the care they use in shipping and handling. Mine was packaged so well I could I sent it to the Moon safely.


I have always wanted a slate and I have never seen a slate pencil before, so these are just perfect. The pencil feels almost like stone - like it will last a long time. The slate is solidly made. I have a blackboard brush already to erase my writing. I use it if I just want to write something down that I need for a short period - rather than using up a scrap piece of paper. One thing that would be a nice touch, though by no means essential, is if a small piece of material was also provided for erasing, much like people probably would have used during this time period. Anyway, a great buy. :)