Keepsake Locket


This simple necklace is very reminiscent of similar pendants that were popular in the 18th century. Unscrew the nut on the stem of the locket to open the clear glass front, then insert a portrait or a lock of hair from your loved one, or possibly a dried flower. Made in the U.S.A. of silver-plated brass. Overall dimensions (including stem) is approximately 1-5/8” long by 1” wide. Comes with a ribbon (color varies) to be worn around the neck.

Made in USA

Item # KL-961

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gorgeous and Well-Made

I was gifted this by my partner who knew I had been looking for a vintage locket. This piece is lovely! Good length of thin yet durable ribbon which you can tie at any length you fancy, has a nice weight to it but not too heavy or bulky, and is double-sided since both sides are glass. I like to put dried flower petals, seeds, or leaves in it from my garden or forest walks I've been on. Reminds me of the changing seasons. The locket fastener is also very sturdy and when you twist the fastener over the threading of the locket, whatever you put in there is going to stay! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Exquisite little locket

We bought this for our daughter. She wore a flower band in her hair for her First Communion, so we dried the flowers and put a little in this locket for her to wear.

The locket has wonderful detail to it, and the screw is just firm enough to operate so you know it won't open easily, but it's easy to firmly unscrew to open up and get to what you put inside.

Ours had a red ribbon. At some point we might put it on a silver chain.

This is a lovely little piece of jewelry! Thanks Townsends!