Redware Pipkin


Pipkins were a utility pot used over hundreds of years to simmer sauces, make gravies, and melt butter or other fats. A local potter hand throws this simple yet beautiful version. Redware pottery with a lead-free clear glaze on the inside. Approximately 5" in diameter and 8" long (including handle). Holds approximately 1-1/2 pints. Intended to be used with liquids over embers (and definitely not on the stove top).

Made in USA

Item # P-4180

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Guy Borgeson
Splendid for Warming Soup

I bought one of these a couple of years ago. Only today did I try it. I am preparing for an upcoming reenactment in early October. I built a cooking fire in my portable brazier. After letting it die down, I put some refrigerated leftover soup in the pipkin and let it warm up while I worked in the yard. In about ten minutes, it heated up to a good eating temperature. I highly recommend this product.

Phyllis Denman
The purpose of the pipkin

Please allow me to shed a little light on the purpose of the pipkin. If cooked in an iron pot, highly acidic foods, such as fruits, will react chemically with the iron in the pot and this causes the food being cooked to turn black. The pipkin is for cooking highly acidic foods as it is ceramic and will not react to acid. This makes the pipkin perfect for making jams, jellies, apple sauce and other acidic foods. Never use the pipkin on a stove. They are intended to be used over coals. Best to place the pipkin on a low trivet over hot coals.

So well made!

It is adorable, but it isn't just a pretty face. It is perfect for melting butter, making sauces and heating a hearty serving of soup or stew (or two more moderate portions).

And Bryan is right: It feels great in the hand and the unglazed areas are amazingly smooth. (I found myself caressing the pot when I got it. LOL!)

Todd Ehlers
Bryan is Right

I agree completely with Bryan's review.

My wife swooned for the pipkin on first sight during a YouTube episode.

What a lovely pantry item--almost unique, I should say, in the American modern pantry.

Although I bought this to thrill my beloved wife, ulteriorly I hope to enjoy the bounty of her culinary experiments.

Sturdy and...cute?

It's pretty light but feels really sturdy in the hand. The inside glaze is smooth and nice but the outside (unglazed) is surprisingly smooth and appealing to touch. My wife thinks it's cute.