JR 18th Century Waistcoat Pattern


J.P. Ryan Pattern. Shows 1750's long style and 1770's short style. Sleeved or sleeveless. Available in sizes 40-48.

Made in USA

Item # JR-703

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hilary Amon
Easy to Use, Easy to Modify

Historical sewing requires experience & knowledge of the era, this pattern is great for beginners to learn and for advanced sewists too. It's easy to tailor to any shape, I use it for long & short men's waistcoats, I even modified it for a sailor's jacket, tailored to my feminine figure.

**Pro Tip**
The JP Ryan Frock-/Gentleman's coat patters (also recommended) are designed for an 18th century posture: standing straight & tall with shoulders back <=> narrow shoulder, long straight spine. If you tailor a sleeveless waistcoat to a modern posture -wide, rounded shoulders- then it won't fit correctly under a historically accurate coat. For suit sets, discuss posture/historical fit with the wearer.

Katerina Philbrick
Historically accurate

These heavy paper patterns are somewhat cumbersome, but I always trace them onto pattern cloth for ease and to save the pattern if I need to make adjustments - and you ALWAYS need to make adjustments.

The first reviewer saw that as a negative, but just as ready-to-wear is not made to fit YOU, the same should be understood about patterns. The whole point of sewing garments is that you can and should make them fit the wearer. If you don't make a custom fit, why go to the trouble of sewing?


I had to make a lot of changes to the pattern.