"Manduetto" CD by JRP


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  • 16 Tracks
  • Mandolin Duets
Manduetto is the latest offering from our good friends, Jim's Red Pants. This CD is made up entirely of mandolin duets, which is a step away from their usual violin driven numbers. With wonderfully catchy melodies and interesting rhythm accompaniment, this is certainly a CD to have in your period music collection.

Delight of the Men of Caerphilly
Minuetto 2
Aria VI / Aria VII
Planxty Hewlett
Aria V
Sheep May Safely Graze
Dueto III
Minuetto 3
Carolan's Draught
Aria IX Pastorella
Aria II
Ramudden's Vals / Vals Efter Kristian Oskarsson
Minuetto 1
The Ash Grove
Made in USA

Item #: M-3613
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