JRP Whitby Abbey CD


William Vicker's collected all the tunes included on this CD while traveling in the mid 18th Century through the North Umbrian area. The material in this collection predates 1770. This CD has 15 wonderful tracks that feature the fiddle, bouzoukie, guitar, and the bodhran. Performed by Jim's Red Pants.

Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pam Garlow
Such a pretty group of songs

I’m loving this CD. Sone songs are new to me and others are familiar from the show. All are excellent. I’ll be getting more CDs for sure.

Fine music by a fine duo

Thank you to JRP for this excellent collection of tunes. This CD makes a fine soundtrack for a lazy Sunday morning while cooking brunch!

Stephen Hodges
Whitby Abbey by Jim's Red Pants

This music is outstanding. If you are debating whether to buy it... do NOT debate. Buy it! If you watch the videos created by Townsends, you will be hear many familiar tunes. This is a great collection of fun and very easy to listen tunes. You will not be disappointed.

Logan K.

I've been a long time watcher of The Nutmeg Tavern videos and the 18th century cooking videos, all of the Townsends videos more or less, and I've always enjoyed the music in the videos. The 18th Century has been a long time fascination for me, having myself come from Virginia where many of the 18th century places still stand, so when I ordered my Trade Knife from Townsends I also ordered this album with it. Much like with the knife, I do not regret doing so as it's full of wonderful music that I'd almost expect to hear coming from one of the taverns on the Duke of Gloucester Street at Colonial Williamsburg. Absolutely beautiful music. Again, I look forward to buying from Townsends more.

Another One!

Another Fine collection of Early American Music!