Ivory & Tea Music CD by JRP


  • Music Featured on our YouTube Channel
  • Ballads and Shanties of the Sea
  • 13 Tracks

This wonderful CD from our friends in Jim's Red Pants brings you songs from the sea! Years ago we asked them if we could feature their music in our YouTube videos, and after all this time, we are still impressed by every new CD they produce. Some of the instruments you will hear on this record are violin, mandolin, banjo, tin whistle, and bouzouki.  Take a listen below!

Item # M-3610

      Track List:
      1. Sweet Jenny Jones / Blue Eyed Stranger
      2. Ivory and Tea
      3. Uti Grona Lunden / Once a Night
      4. Boys of Blue Hill / McDermott's Hornpipe
      5. Haul Away Joe
      6. Vals from Orsa
      7. Maxwelton Braes
      8. A Railroader's Lament
      9. Solleron West / P.A. Olsen Stensland
      10. Cape Cod Girls
      11. Walls of Liscarroll / Connaughtman's Rambles
      12. Homeward Bound

    Made in USA

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    Outstanding period music!