Colonial Comfort Foods by Michael Dragoo


  • Written By Michael Dragoo
  • Plenty of YouTube Recipes And More!

Michael has been a dear friend of ours and a regular guest on our YouTube channel. I can't wait for you to see all of the hard work that he has put into this cookbook!

Michael Dragoo's Colonial Comfort Foods demonstrates why it's so important (and easy!) to connect your family with your ancestors. Everyone can relate to food, and trying food directly to those distant relative' experiences is something your loved ones will enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Tons of cookbooks are published every year, as well as enough ancestry research books and online support sites for every person ten times over, but nothing has been offered that ties both food and you ancestry together...until now!

Colonial Comfort Foods provides a real, tangible connection with your ancestors, while honoring them at the same times. Book is spiral bound 9" by 11", 217 pages and over 70 recipes.

Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

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Hard cover version

I am enjoying reading this cookbook. It has great historical info, orginal recipes and then an easier one below it for people like me who might struggle to understand. It has beautiful pictures. It is worth the price, in my opinion, just as reading material, even if you don't use it for actual cooking.


This was one of many things u have gotten from you guys and I love it


Love the period correct recipes and can’t wait to try some

Great Content, Questionable Hardcover Binding

This book is interesting enough to just to sit down and read. It has practical explanations and measurements for most if not all of the recipes that Mr. Dragoo has shared on the channel. There is a good bit of additional historical content. Some in the form of pop up facts that are easy for us younger folks with shorter attention spans to digest.
My only disappointment is that the hardcover edition I received doesn't lay quite right. Half the pages have a bit of a curl that makes it difficult to keep it open while on table without some weigh on it. That's exactly why I buy the hardcover. It should be fine after some breaking in and humidity in a hot kitchen.