Nutmeg Tavern Apron


  • Boar's Head Design
  • Nutmeg Tavern Merch
  • Ties at Waist and Neck

Show your Nutmeg Tavern colors!  Made of off white cotton canvas with a dark brown nutmeg tavern design.On the regular apron size the bib starts at 9" wide and widens to 22" , length is 26". On the X-Large size the bib starts at 13" and widens to 30", overall length is 32". Ties for neck and waist.
Made in USA
Item # AP-3563 & AP3565
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love it

Essential Apron

As an "essential worker" I've had to eat lunch in my car all year because all our breakrooms (and restaurants) are closed due to COVID restrictions. I put this apron on when I eat to keep my clothes clean and maintain more dignity than a napkin bib! It reminds me of the daily struggles of all those in times past and gives the fortitude to finish out my shift.
Apron has held up well to tons of washing and stains come out well.

Philomena S.

I got this apron today in the mail, and it is perfect! It's a heavier apron, and just what I was looking for because my current one is wearing a little thin. I can't wait to make some 18th century meals while wearing this, and I know that I'll feel like I work at the charming Nutmeg Tavern as a waitress (even though it's the 21st century!). ;) Thank you, Townsends!

Works great!

Lovely, sturdy canvas apron with the Nutmeg Tavern logo! I wore it while canning about 100 pounds of pears and apples over a fire this fall and it got a lot of soot on it, but it came out of the wash as good as new.