1770's Waistcoat-In Stock

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Typical style from 1760's to 1800. Fully lined with pewter buttons and working pockets. Plain back (no lacing or buckle). Made in your choice of cotton canvas, linen, or wool. Chest, waist or stomach sizes 48 and over are $10.00 extra. Need help measuring try this: Measuringadvice.com

Item # XX-9429/XX-9430;XX-9431/XX-9432; XX-9433/XX-9435


The options listed below, are what we currently have in stock.  They will be non-returnable and we will not be able to alter them, they are sold "as is".  If you would like to know what the general measurements are, please email or give us a call.

Chest 36" Waist 30" Stomach 32" Back Neck to Waist 20" Block Print32

Chest 38" Waist/Stomach 36" Back Neck To Waist 20" Nutmeg Canvas

Chest 40" Waist/Stomach 37" Back Neck to Waist 19"-Black Canvas

Chest 40" Waist/Stomach 38" Back Neck to Waist 21"-Nutmeg Canvas (Two available in this size)

Chest 44" Waist/Stomach 42" Back Neck to Waist 21" Block Print 25

Chest 52" Waist/Stomach 48" Back neck to Waist 22" Block Print BP-30

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