Block Printed Kerchief - Black Border


  • Floral Design
  • 100% Cotton
  • 3 Color Variants

Kerchiefs are great for men and women alike. They can be worn as a necktie to add a splash of color around the collar, or as a fashionable modesty piece. The block printed designs are warm and vibrant, but not distracting. Measuring approximately 42" x 42" and made 100% of cotton, these kerchiefs are made to last. Color shades may vary. Imported.

Item # S-3143

S-3143A - Blue and Tan 

S-3143B - Blue and Brick 

S-3143C - Olive and Brick 

S-3143D - Purple and Gold 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

A handy wrap for Rev War.

Carolina Jake ( Vinnie De)
Kerchief / cravat

I have all intention of using this as a cravat and at times a scarf. It's extremely nice to look at, the is just what i was looking for.

Debra C.

I purchased this item to wear with my blue jean jacket . I wanted to give it a softer look. The Kerchief is just the look I wanted. I would recommend this one as well as the plain cotton modesty kerchief.

1812 Cannoneer

Simple beautiful, cant wait to get the olive color!

Jebediah the Gyro Captain
Great kerchief (or all around working cloth)!

I bought this kerchief in blue/black/mustard as a general bandana/cravat to keep the mosquitoes off my neck. I had been using some repro Civil War handkerchiefs offered by another vendor, but they just didn't stand up to use.
* The colors are muted, but not drab. They work just as well in the woods as in town. I also bought the cravat in black/olive/brick. Both are great colorways.
* The quality is fantastic: thick enough, but breathable.
* Historically correct!