Men's Work Cap


Caps like these are often seen in paintings of the 18th century. Summer weight cap worn by working-class men when other hats would be in the way or too hot. Shade of fabric will vary, made of 100% cotton.

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Item # WC-923

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Customer Reviews

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Works great as a hairnet while cooking, although it can be uncomfortable if you wear glasses. But other than that it works great and fits well.

Benjamin G.
A Few Years In And Still Great

My wife got this for me as a Christmas gift a few years ago. I use it exclusively while cooking and I really love it. Helps keep my longer hair out of the way and its very stylish. Show up to the barbeque with this and you'll be king of the grill!


Basic workman’s hat, lightweight and comfortable. Use it for bar keep duties.

Terry Suarez
Love this work cap.

Initially was to be used when cooking but I love it so much, I am wearing it all the time. Wonderful!

Just adore my cap.

I almost sleep in it. The close fit is just right for my big head.
I don't go anywhere without it on my head. The Townsends are my kind of people.
I'm so glad I made this purchase.
please, only hand wash in cold water as they use only new material to make this hat..It has not been prewashed.