Redware Grease Lamp for Lantern


This grease lamp should fit into most lanterns unless the candle cup is permanently fixed in the bottom. About 3" across and 2 1/2" tall. Made of earthenware pottery with clear glaze. We include jute wick and instructions so you can use it right away. Burns well using vegetable oil or animal grease. Inspired by 18th century Moravian design. As with all things that are on fire, NEVER leave unattended.

Made in USA

Item # P-4142

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Works very well...with limitations

First off, the craftsmanship is very good as is the enameling. Unlike a betty lamp, there is no ability to preheat the grease which causes issues depending upon the overall temperature.

Being in the low 60's in the house in winter, vegetable oils work but not very well due to the higher flash points. Instead, a lower flash point oil like mineral oil works very well. It may be possible to cut the vegetable oil with a light paraffin oil for winter use but haven't tried that yet.

In the summer, when ambient temps are higher, straight vegetable oil should be fine.

Such a Lovely Lamp

This lamp arrived today and I had to try it out. So far, I have tried using canola oil since it's the only oil we have at the moment, but it works very well. It is not recommended to use olive oil, as it does not seem to wick fast enough.

Light output depends on how much wick you let out of the top of the tube, but take care not to let too much out or it can burn too quickly.

This is a beautiful redware lamp with a simple wick that functions very well. I would recommend this to anyone!

Well Made Piece

The title says it all. This piece is well made and most importantly, it also works!
Having experimented a little I've found (like most here) that it works with liquid fuel. If using "grease" as in animal fat (bacon, beef, etc) it must be heated for the wick to use it. The flame is not close enough to keep it heated and liquid on its own. If the grease sets up it will go out.
Other than that, well made and good craftsmanship. I use it with the redware inkwell/sander combination on my desk. It's a great addition to making a writing set impression (Jon if you happen to see this, I'd love to find a circular wooden tray that would hold all three).
Great job as always guys!! Keep up the good work!!

Elegant, economical, and well made

This is great. For pennies you can have lamplight all day using olive oil or other kinds of cooking oil (olive oil burns with no smoke and very little scent, so it's nice.) The wicks that came with it last a long time and seldom need to be advanced. There's almost no chance of this thing dripping or spilling. It's very well designed.

The craftsmanship of this item is wonderful. It's very sturdy and ergonomically comfortable. The red glaze is applied expertly and uniformly. The lamp is pristine enough to look elegant in any setting and yet just crude enough to easily recognize that it is handmade and not something produced by a machine. That gives it a very charming aesthetic. I honestly feel like I could go to an art or history museum and see items like this behind a glass case, but here it is at my disposal to enrich my everyday life. Amazing.

Redware Lantern is a high quality item

This is a well made and beautiful lantern. I enjoy using it. I like the idea for use in a lantern. I used olive oil in mine. I'm thinking of placing a drop or two of essential oil in it.