Pierced Tin Ship's Lantern


Similar to round lanterns but with a sliding glass pane in front to serve as a window. With brackets on back for hanging on a wall or tent pole. 14 1/2" tall. Made of bright tinplate which reflects a lot of light.  We recommend a maximum candle height of about 6".  Our Beeswax Candles are sold separately as item numbers BC-12 (each) or BC-19 (Dozen Candle Bundle). 

Made in USA

Item # TL-16

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Santa of the Woods
Awesome looking lantern

Santa of the Woods uses the pierced tin ships lantern as a beacon through the woods and across the world on a very special night. Santa's lantern is posted permanently on "Magical Mystical" a walking staff that children young and old enjoy gazing at the incredible glow, waiting for elves with gifts to emerge soon. Even mommies and daddies can't wait for Santa to ask for aid staffing Magical Mystical. Santa needs to order another one. My lengthy travels has worn-out the mounts. The bee's wax candles are a perfect combination friendship.

A wonderful lamp

You'll have to be careful with the glass front of this but otherwise it is a great illuminator for your camp.

I recently gave a lecture on local history and to keep safe distances, we were all outside, the site only illuminated by these lamps but their warm glow was more than enough for me to read my notes and for the audience to feel they were in a special place, not just sitting on benches at a site.

So illumination, atmosphere, what more can you ask of them?


If the title doesn't catch your eye the follow-up should. This is an example of old style craftsmanship and attention to detail that can only be described as high quality. The lantern is large enough to put out a sufficient amount of light for your home or campsite. The bright tin magnifies the illumination, unlike the rustic tinware more commonly found or replicated today. The option of using the glass for windy nights or as protection against inadvertent fires (curious animals?) is nice, but the lantern functions well even without. Substitution of a cow horn pane (also offered by Townsends) gives the option of historical correctness. The top even stays cool enough to carry on night watch duties. Lastly price: it is affordable. With that said, your challenge is to buy out their stock and keep the poor tinsmith busy making more in the future. After all, it's hurricane season!

Bigger, Brighter, Better.

Very impressed with the versatility of design, workmanship, and materials. Great size and throws a lot of light. Much prettier too than my smaller round lantern. Almost too nice for rendezvous...almost. Only nit pic, wish it had a mica or seeded glass pane for a more authentic look, but that would cost more and this is priced right as is. Love it!

Kelly Caldwell

I am so happy with my purchase! Great craftsmanship and excellent details! I would definitely buy again!