Deluxe Fire Starting Kit


Contains all of the great stuff in our Classic Fire Starting Kit and also includes our Fire Making DVD-20. Open your box and start a fire right away. Contains:

  • Steel Striker and two pieces of flint
  • Tinder (a hank of jute and/or other fibrous tinder)
  • Charcloth
  • Tin Boxes
  • Fire Starting DVD

With this kit anyone can build a fire using traditional methods. Tinder fibers can be teased out to into a loose ball for fire building.

Made in USA

Item # KT-197

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A Great Kit

Watched the Townsends video of making a fire using these tools. It looked surprisingly simple and kind of fun. Very glad I did get the kit! Using the kit is simple and an awesome way to learn and old style way of fire starting.

Update To Last Review

Townsends must have read my last review about missing the DVD when I ordered this. Yesterday one arrived in the mail. I did not reach out to customer service and request it because I wasn't too upset about it. Next time I will rather than nock of a start. Thanks Townsends!

Good Buy

I did not receive the DVD, but the quality is good. I really like the kit. Took a few firefightss to get the trick of it. I have a wood stove to practice in. I suggest picking up another flint or 2 in addition. I chipped a lot of flint to get the hand of it.

Excellent Kit

Recieved this today. It is amazing. Good sized flints as I received two. One hank of jute. The booklet is really helpful. I also ordered 2 extra flints but received 3 good sized pieces. Thanks! I plan on keeping pieces in my car and in my cabin. I cannot wait to learn this skill. Worth the price!

Worked great!

My wife bought me this for Christmas and after reading the manual and watching Jon's video on using the kit, I was able to start a fire with only three strikes. I made my own char cloth (see King of Random youtube video) and had practiced making a spark like the manual suggested. This kit is real easy to use and by following Jon's video, you too can do it. BTW, it was 23 deg F with a 10 mph wind, 50% humidity.