Redware Milk Pan


This milk pan is approximately 9" in diameter and 3" to 4" tall. It looks like a bowl to me but is more correctly called a pan because of its straight sides. These are handmade and the size and shape does vary.
Lead free glaze on a redware pottery body. Made in USA.

Item # P-4136

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Perfect for my 18th century kitchen work.


Cannot describe this item enough in it's entirely, (along with other red glazed items from Townsend)) blends in unbeknownst to me with the red dirt hue of my Amish dining table.

Functional and simplistic

Betty Jean Burchett
Beautiful piece of pottery.

This item is beautiful. Better than the catalog pphoto.

I holds things well

I purchased one of these a couple years ago. Finally writing a quick review. Wonderful pan. Mostly use it as a fruit bowl and a mixing pan. I must say, I am very glad bought mine when they cost only $32 and not $60!!!! For $32 I would buy again. For $60?...nope. Reenacting has become a rich mans pleasure. Shame. In regards to the quality of the pan, top notch. Unrelated note: Lifetime fan of Michael Dragoo!

Stephanie Robbins
The milk pan you didn't know you needed.

This milk pan was my first Townsends purchase. I've really enjoyed using it; it's wonderful for marinating meat, as well as for other messy cooking tasks. The pouring spout is especially useful for adding wet ingredients to something you're cooking after you have mixed the ingredients together.

The pan is lighter to lift and easier to maneuver than I expected, which was a nice surprise. It cleaned up easily in the dishwasher, and was ready to go again with no special effort necessary to clean it.

The redware is also very aestheticly pleasing. Its simple design and natural color would complement any country, traditional, or shabby chic decor, and would be a perfect addition to any restored early American house's kitchen.

You need one of these. Seriously.