Tin Kitchen - Reflector Oven


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Reflector ovens or "Tin Kitchens" were used from the mid-18th century clear through the 19th century. They cook food more efficiently than a simple spit over an open fire. The oven surface reflects heat back from the fire, concentrating it onto the food. Designed primarily for hearth cooking. Handmade by tinsmith Dennis Kutch, using hot-dipped sheet tin. Adapted from an original design and correctly proportioned and constructed. Overall dimensions: 18" high x 10" deep x 26" long (including the forged iron rotisserie). The front opening of the oven box is 19" wide by 11-1/2" high. The rear door opening measures 9" square. There is a convenient 2" spout located at the bottom of the far side for pouring off juices. Comes complete with a crank rotisserie that is slotted so that four skewers can be inserted through it to secure your meat. View the in-depth video on this product for more information.

Made in USA

Item # TK-726