Wire Fork


Here’s an honest no-nonsense fork worthy of any enlisted man's ration. Based on original examples, approximately 7-1/2" long. Handmade by a blacksmith right here in Indiana. Use it as a dinner fork, or insert a stick through the loop and use it as a roasting fork.

Made in USA

Item # WF-159

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love 'em but you got to be eating large things. Good Luck going to town on some corn or peas with these things.

James M. S.
Great authentic fork

This is a well made authentic fork.

Pam Garlow
Useful for Camping

I’ll be using this at my campsite for an interesting grill and fireside accessory where I can share the Townsends lore about it.

Excellent quality. Fits hand nicely

The fork fits in hand nice. Excellent made quality. Love the sharp point on ends. Will use frequently. Thank you.

Perfect carry fork

A fork to be used in the traditional manner. The fork a relatively new table piece was kept on the left side, to be used by the left hand, which was never to be put to your mouth. The left hand, the hand of the devil, was to be use for only one purpose, which I will not describe here. The fork was to secure your food while you cut it into an appropriate portion and move it on to the side of your knife, you would then raise the food to your mouth and remove it with your lips, never your tounge, from the back of your knife. Mothers would admonish their children to never put the fork in their mouths and never lick your knife.