Gunpowder Tea


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A common tea variety in the 18th century. Leaves are rolled giving it the granular appearance of gunpowder. It has a surprising body and captivating taste.  It has a burgundy-like opening with hints of honey. Approximately 3oz of loose tea.

Imported from China

Item # T-1210
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great tea (coming from a coffee drinker)

I enjoy tea, but not as much as I love coffee. So, when I have some tea, I want to like it - and this tea absolutely hits the spot for a nice cuppa tea without being astringent or overly powerful.

It's flavor is almost a combo of black tea, honey, and...something else...which makes for a delightful tea. I'm definitely ordering more of this!

I even accidentally steeped my cup too long, and thought darn I've ruined it - but it remained flavorful and not overdone - I was really impressed by that!

Well done, Nutmeg Traders :)

Martin Ringis
Great Tin of Tea.

A few weeks ago I purchased your GUNPOWDER Tea. It has an interesting flavor & color. Very bold if you use too much. Soothing & refreshing. I give it 100 %. THANX 4

A favorite!

Has a really good, strong taste! One of my favorites in my collection!