Brass Coffee Grinder


Brass Coffee mill made by Turkish craftsmen in a style used for hundreds of years. This mill is 8" tall and adjusts to control the ground portions which are contained in the lower part until you are ready to use them. The handle on these slides off and folds for storage.  Imported from Turkey

Item # GR-236

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Amazing quality! We bought this as a gift for my dad who is a fan of ALL things rustic and colonial. It was a big hit! He uses it every day!

Dale . A . Vodden
Brass coffee grinder

Well I bought a brass coffee grinder and it does grind coffee but it stops grinding Beans so you have to shake it to get it to gringo then it will stop grinding again I'm thinking of melting it down i never should have bought it but there is spice's I could grind.the only way it grinds bean is if you cut the bean in half then it grinds it really is not worth buying in my opinion.mostly people say it came oily not mine it just stops grinding and it is not worth the price.

Garret Wilson
Wonderful brass grinder

Just got this today along with some beans from Townsend's. Does take a while to grind the coffee but is expected from such a small grinder. Is a great consistency for my little espresso maker. Full grind imperfect for two cups. Get you one of these!

Perfect for grinding

When I received the grinder I had the pleasure to say that it was exactly as expected. I thought that it would arrived a bit oily like the other reviews say but that was not the case. So far I have used this grinder for over months. It's perfect for everyday use. The only problem that it may have is that the coffee beans wont seem to grind sometimes; That can usually be fixed with a small shake and it's grinding like normal again. A full grinder can take maybe 1-3 minutes to grind depending on your speed. I've found myself to introduce this into my morning routine. I would absolutely recommend this.

Beautiful looking, needs to be cleaned, slow to grind coffee

Our grinder arrived in beautiful exterior condition. However, the inside, as a previous reviewer noted, was covered in a very dirty oil (likely cosmoline oil). We cleaned the dirty oil off, as we weren't sure that it was food safe, and replaced it with vegetable oil.

We found that the grinder takes an extremely long time to grind coffee but that it grinds smaller items, like peppercorns, very quickly. We will likely be using this mainly as a pepper grinder in the future.