Flint Pouch


  • Hold Six Flints
  • Closes Tightly with Strap

This flint pouch (or wallet) will keep your gun flints organized and handy. This pouch has six pockets to hold six flints as well as a pocket for your BD-589 screwdriver. The long leather strap both secures the pouch as well as doubles as a tourniquet. Flints not included. Screwdriver sold separately. Pouch is approximately 4 1/2" wide, 2" tall when rolled up empty, 6 3/4" tall unrolled, with a 24" strap.

Made in USA

Item # FP-186

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Customer Reviews

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Love it

Capt. Harold Percy
Good Pouch, Small for Musket Flints

This comes in handy when you want to stop losing the flints that you just stuff in your belt or possibilities bag at an event. It is very well made. However, I have had a hard time getting most musket flints to fit in it, creating a bulgy, hard to close pouch. I prefer large flints though, and mostly use Short Lands, Long Lands, and Charlevilles. It works great with rifle and pistol flints though.

Simple and vital

Anyone who's spent any time at all as a re-enactor knows the joys of having to hunt for flints but once you've got them, you need someplace to keep them.

This does a wonderful job of that keeping them organized and safe for when you reach into your bag for that new flint.

The shape lets you find it easily without too much fumbling and just as importantly, it means you don't have loose, SHARP, flints in your bag, maybe cutting their way out, cutting up other things in there or your hand when you grope for them.

Cameron Fouts
Handy Pouch

I received this pouch by accident instead of the Gun Tool Kit I had ordered. However, it turned out to greatly exceed my impressions! I had a hard time getting my flints to fit in the slots, but they are all sized slightly differently for this purpose. The small pocket not only fits the screwdriver, but is just large enough to fit the entire Gun Tool Kit snugly (no fear of losing it now)! The entire flint pouch, fully filled, fits into the small pocket of the standard Hunting Pouch with some effort, making it easily accessible. This little guy is well worth the price!

Vincent DeNardo
Does the job

I received this pouch and it is very well made. The leather is very good quality and the only thing i would suggest is have a pair of tweezers to remove the flints when needed it is a little tight fit other than that it's just what I needed.