Combination Tool


Screw driver, knapping hammer and touchhole pick. Hand forged. Screwdriver approximately 3 1/2" long, hammer and pick approximately 3" long.

Made in USA

Item # CT-154

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
No issues and good quality

Good quality and handy tool. Haven't tested it yet to gauge it's hardness but given some of the rough slag on the otherwise hammered section, I assume that it is hardened. This roughness is a good thing as it adds to the overall look.

The size it right as is the screwdriver. I did sew a small leather cover for the pick so that I don't stab myself or through my hunting bag.

I have issues with this one

It looks like a nifty little tool for working your musket but on reflection there are some things holding me back from praising it.

1) It isn't the triangular British style. Beyond not being correct for British army re-enactors the tool doesn't have any obvious way to attach a cord preventing it from getting lost and
2) at the small size I'd question how good a grip you can really get when cranking it tight to hold a flint in place.

3) the little hook on the end has it's uses but I just have the image of it punching a hole into the side of a canvass sack or pouch.

I've bought two.

This is a very handy little tool. Good in the gun bag and also to adjust the wick on the grease lamp. Probably many other uses.