Nutmeg Tavern Coffee Blend with Whole Nutmeg


  • Roasted in Indiana
  • Beans Sourced from South America and Africa
  • Whole Nutmeg Included
  • Flavor Notes: Sweet, Spice, Cinnamon

We worked with our good friend Dave Taylor to find a coffee blend specifically for pairing with nutmeg. The Nutmeg Tavern Coffee Blend is roasted using a combination of South American and African beans, giving it wonderfully spicy flavor notes. This coffee has a smooth boldness at the start, then finishes with a cinnamon sweetness.  Our coffee is sold with whole beans and by the pound.  Great with or without nutmeg, you can choose to have us send this pound of coffee and whole nutmeg with or without a grater.
Made in USA

Item # CB-247 and CB-248 and NG-897
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    Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great flavor profile!

I am by no means a coffee connoisseur nor do I have a great palate so bear with me.

This blend is fairly medium roast but what's great is the flavors both with and without the nutmeg. It is wonderfully aromatic. If you're into dark roasts I would still recommend this blend as I'm going to state again the flavor combination is spot on.

I've made this using a pour over method 25g of ground just under the medium setting with about 14oz. of water.

Gene Visneski
Good Stuff

One of my favorite coffee's, great taste and now I am also addicted to nutmeg, use it on just about everything, Good Stuff!

The perfect cup of coffee

I was so excited to order the Nutmeg tavern coffee for my boyfriend to try. It arrived promptly 2 days later. The delivery timing and the packaging make the experience better. We enjoyed our first cup together and found it to be smooth, velvety and the shavings of nutmeg was exquisite. This perfect cup of coffee set the mood for the evening and inspired ideas for 18th century cooking dishes for the following day.

Sarah Whitaker

As soon as I opened the package, I got a delicious aroma of chocolate and a sweet nuttiness. My cup of coffee was delicious and of course, the nutmeg added the perfect touch!

Melissa G.

I was skeptical about trying this coffee, but after the first time I was hooked on drinking this blend with freshly grated nutmeg. The coffee by itself has that cinnamon note, but the nutmeg takes it to a whole new level. Definitely buying more! <3 <3