19th Century Reproduction Glasses


Very good mid-19th century style spectacles. Spring back ear tabs make these very comfortable. Each lens measures 1-3/4" wide and 1-1/4" tall. They are about 4-3/4" between temple pieces and have plain gray metal glasses frames. The temple pieces have been adjusted slightly, the length is about 5" or 7" including the spring back ear tab.

You can have your prescription glass installed at your local optometry shop (let us know and we will loosen the screws for you). Available with clear lenses or 2X. 


Width:  4.75

Length 4.75

Nose Piece:  3/4"

Center to Center:  3"

Lens:  1 3/4" x 1 1/4"

Bevel: Hide-a-bevel/V bevel. There is a safety bevel on the backside of the magnified lens.


Item # GL-790

Watch a video about our eyewear (instructions for widening frames included).

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Customer Reviews

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I've had a few pairs of these over the years with bifocals in them. The metal is thin and rusts easily so I replace them once or twice a year and just swap lenses out. I just got my new replacements in and it's a loss for me. The screws seem to be only decorative as they refuse to move in any way other than to strip out completely. It's always been difficult to get them loose and I have had to replace a couple over the years but these are not coming out unless I drill them. The metal is too soft and I'm betting there's some thread locker in them. This pair is a loss and I'll be getting them from a proper optometrist from now on. I hate that because I love these glasses and I can't find anything with cable temples with small oval lenses. I really hate to toss these in the trash but I simply can't use them


Sturdy and affordable!

Incredible Quality

I was skeptical that these frames would work for me as I have a heavy prescription and wear progressive lenses. I took them to my optometrist and they were impressed with the construction and quality. 2 weeks later, I have glasses with my progressive lenses that I can wear reenacting local history (town founded in 1864) or just as my regular glasses. I am a customer for life now! Thank you Townsends!


Great for reenactment. Had my prescription set in them and use them every day.


Glass frames look great. Everyone at the optometrist wanted to know where they came from. You can bet I told them all about Townsends!