The Art of Making Common Salt


  • A Townsends Imprint
  • 18th Century Study of Salt
  • 295 pages with plates

Today, we rarely give salt a seconds thought.  We might use everyday common iodized salt on the table or some fancy gourmet sea salt, but either way it's not difficult to find or expensive. Salt in the 18th-century, well that's a different story. Salt was a crucial commodity and there were various types and origins. This book gives us a glimpse into the world of salt in the 18th-century from the eyes of someone right there in the time period. If you want to know more about what kinds of salt were available and how they were made, this is your book.

This facsimile copy of Art of Making Common Salt was originally published in 1748.  The cover is designed to give an old feel with a matte finish and design taken from a period book in our collection.

Made in USA

Item # C-7404

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