Men's Watch Cloak


Might also be called a Boat Cloak. Stay warm at night in this cloak. It is semi-fitted with collar and circular shoulder cape. Made of a melton wool blend (85% wool, 15% nylon)with cotton lining. Two strong steel hooks and eyes hold it closed at neck. One size fits all, up to 50" chest. Approximately 48 " to hem. Choose navy blue or black.

Stock varies on this item, please allow 2-4 weeks if garment needs to be made.

Night was setting in, one of the cold spring nights of the north; and it was discovered, soon after they left the ship, that in their haste they had forgotten to provide him with a boat-cloak. He, however, forbade them to return for one; and when one of his companions offered his own great-coat, and urged him to make use of it, he replied, "I thank you very much; but, to tell you the truth, my anxiety keeps me sufficiently warm at present." THE LIFE OF HORATIO LORD NELSON BY ROBERT SOUTHEY (1774-1843)

Made in USA

Item # MC-162

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