1777 Gold Guinea


Our reproduction is cast in pewter and gold plated. This example was issued under the rule of King George III (1760-1820) and bears his likeness. The guinea was equal to 21 shillings. If you were rich you would have some of these.

Made in USA

Item # CO-518

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Awesome to have a piece of history in my hand, even a repro! Shiny, with a nice feel and cool details. I wish I had a chest of them!

Not too bad but still

Each coin weighs about 4g which is the weight of a half-guinea coin. The 3rd portrait of a half guinea coin is very similar to this one which is the 4th portrait of a GEORGE III Gold Guinea. The coin weight should be adjusted or the label should say "Half-Guinea".

Also, the coin's supposed "reeded" edges are not that pronounced, it would be good if the design is "old/antique" but supposedly that they are freshly minted because they are shiny, it's not really a good thing.

great for teaching

To be fair there's little use for coins at most re-enactments, OK I was once bribed to let a rebel out of the guard house at Colonial Williamsburg, but these actually come in great for teaching demonstrations with kids and families.

Put this down on a table and then 21 shillings and explain how long it would take a laborer to bet just one shilling....their eyes get real wide.