British Coin Set


Nine coins used in the British Empire in the 18th century. These reproductions are cast from lead-free pewter and come in a small leather pouch. The Guinea is gold-plated and the halfpennies and farthing are copper-plated (copper plating may be bright or antiqued). Includes information sheet which describes each coin, the English monetary structure, and gives an idea of the cost of living in the 18th century. Includes one each of the following coins:
1777 Gold Guinea (gold plated )
1705 Queen Anne Crown
1710 Queen Anne Half-Crown
1745 Shilling
1757 Six Pence
1718 Halfpenny (copper plated)
1747 Halfpenny (copper plated)
1751 Irish Halfpenny (copper plated)
1754 Farthing (copper plated)

Made in USA

Item # CO-514 


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Look great. Love the detailed descriptions to help tell their story.


Amazing! I love it!

Mr. Mud Head
Very nice coin set, would highly recommend.

Mr Mud Head here, circa 1810 magician.
I use these coins in my act. By random selection a young lady will choose the Queen Ann Crown, or a young man will choose the 1610 King James Crown and win a crown of their own. Ok it's a paper crown from Burger King, but it gets lots of laughs, and the boy or girl has something to take home.