Greatcoats were common in the late 18th century. Wonderfully warm in the cool evenings or in the spring and fall when you wish you had something heavier, more stylish and more easily documented than a capote. Our greatcoats are cut very full with a nice collar that can be turned up to keep the neck warm. It is made with a removable cape that buttons on, and large functional pockets. We make these wool coats in three colors: Navy, Black, and Dark Green. Also available in royal blue as a custom non returnable choice. Available in three sizes: Medium (40-42 chest), Large (44-46 Chest) and XL (48-50) Chest.

Stock varies on this item, please allow 2-4 weeks if garment needs to be made.

See our measurement guide for help with obtaining proper measurements.

Made in USA

Item # GC-153

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Frederick C. Mohler
Best Great Coat of All

My Great Coat arrived today. I have purchased other such coats online from other sources. I can attest that Townsend's Great coat surpasses all others for its authenticity and superb quality. My hat is off to Elyza for her expertise.

Truly Superior

First, a disclosure: I am no longer actively involved in reenactment or living history. Things I've ordered here are for wearing in normal, day-to-day activities. That said, the experience left me with an appreciation for classical things.

This coat is superb! Looking for a knee-length wool coat that isn't made with children's proportions in mind is already hard enough, but this is just. . . wow. The cut, the seams, the lay and drape, the cotton lining, the collar are all expertly done. The button holes even line up with the buttons, which is rarer than you'd think! Highest compliments to Elyza the seamstress.

Here in northeastern Kansas, this is definitely a three-season coat, based on what you put underneath it and on whether or not you remove the shoulder cape. It's perfectly comfortable sitting or standing for long periods, and it blocks the wind without feeling like you're wearing something that's been lined with a trash bag.

Amusingly, all of the compliments I've received have been from other men.

And to anyone quibbling about the price: source another 100% wool men's coat/greatcoat that's handmade in the United States, then give up on that and order this one. You will not be disappointed.

Bob Rohla
Wonderful winter coat

Fits perfectly. Beautifully made-Kudos to Kim V!

Kevin Lyn
The coat I've been looking for!

I was looking for a great coat so I can look like a Witch Hunter from Warhammer Fantasy and I think this one in Dark Green (and the proper hat to complete the outfit) suits that look perfectly!

Took a little while to make but the quality was well worth it! It's nice and warm yet it's also good for autumn and spring weather.

This'll be perfect for my Warhammer Cosplay!

Great compliments

Purchased this greatcoat a couple years ago. I constantly receive compliments on this coat from non re-enactors on how sharp it looks. Living in the Midwest, this coat has been great to have during the bitter winter weather. Great quality, and with it's thickness and length, it is effective in protecting you from cold winter winds.