Men's 18th Century Wool Civilian Coat


The collarless neckline and wider cuffs places this coat slightly earlier in the 18th century than our Linen or Great Coats -- sometime around the 1760s to 1770s. Fully lined, featuring pleated tails in back, working pockets, and large, decorative pewter buttons down the front and on the pocket flaps. Available in your choice of black, navy or dark brown. We build some ease into this coat so please provide an ACTUAL chest measurement when ordering.  These coat are made to generic patterns based on the chest measurement, please contact us if you need help sizing this item or if you have questions about possible sizing customizations.

See our measurement guide for help with obtaining proper measurements.
Stock varies on this item.
Please allow 3 to 5 weeks if item needs to be made.

There is an additional $12 fee for 48" - 52" chest sizes. These items may appear as MX-150 on the packing slip.

Made in USA

Item # MC-150

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
solid civilian coat for the cold

A good, solid civilian coat with nice deep pockets. I wore one for many years doing civilian interpretations.

The problem I had with it was purely a sense of personal taste with the lack of a collar even a lying down always making my neck feel like it was sticking out and it was unfinished.

Kevin Stewart
Extremely comfortable

Have had mine for 20 years, and even more amazing than the fact that it still fits, is how well it's held up in that time.

Love it!

I forgot the five stars!

I forgot the five stars!


I'm looking forward to wearing this coat as part of my SAR persona - in a cooler season, of course. It fits perfectly.

A very good looking coat, well made with quality

I bought this coat earlier this year and I am very pleased. I have worn it at parades and at education fairs for the SAR. I have had many wonderful comments as to the look and authenticity. My hat is off to the great people at Townsend.