Heavy Cotton Stockings


  • 99% Cotton Stockings
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Made in the USA
  • Multiple Colors

About the weight of an athletic sock, these stockings are a bit heavier than our cotton-blend stockings. Meant to go over the knee, un-stretched length measures 25 1/2" from the heel to the top of the stocking. One size fits most. Available in multiple colors. These stockings have a faux seam in the back to emulate the seam that would have been on 18th century stockings due to their construction.

Made in USA

Item # SP-757

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Customer Reviews

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Capt. Harold Percy
My favorite Stockings!

I have three pairs of these, and they are definitely my overall favorite stockings. They fit me the best, being the longest and widest, and are much more comfortable to wear with my riding boots and buckle shoes than thin stockings. Be prepared to purchase or make garters as well!


Needed this color…great quality


They were really comfortable and the other stuff you sent was what I needed.

Sturdy and comfortable heavy cotton stockings

So thankful you offer long stockings of different weights and materials. For me, they're for daily living - helping so much with keeping me warm (medical). They're great under jeans, under leggings, which will help them stay up. Fine for sleeping with nightie. If wearing with skirt / dress, you need garters or shirt stays etc. to hold up. Quality: Feel sturdy. Fit: They could reach high on the thigh for me (I'm 5'1") which I appreciate, but they need slightly wider tops. Thickness: they're reasonably thick for a cotton sock - not as thick as a man's fluffy sweat sock, but twice as thick as thin dress socks. If I could change anything: (1) The entire sock seems to have the same diameter - make the tops wider. (2) My feet are very small - women's size 6 - the sock heel ends up about 4-5 inches above my heel. (tube socks would be great for me) Warmth: For winter, while I wouldn't play in the snow and expect to stay too warm, the thick cotton offers modest & satisfactory warmth against a very cool house, or running winter errands. 5-stars - I will buy again.

Fit for daily use

Over the years, I’ve gone through rounds of using these stockings on a daily basis. Simple to soak and air-dry; no fancy ironing technique required to get them fitting and looking right. Definitely use garters or some other securing method.