Fur Felt Military Tricorn - Black


This hat is very hand made and may take 16 to 28 weeks for shipment

This is our Top-of-the-line military tricorn. This hat is made of heavy-weight rabbit fur felt, the blanks are blocked, stretched, and finished here in our shop. This tricorn features 4-1/2" front brim and the full 6-1/2" fantail brim in the back (this length may be a bit shorter on the very largest sizes). We have trimmed these hats in a worsted wool tape for a smoother look. Finished with a linen hat band inside. Rosette cockade with pewter button on left side. Give head measurement. Specify black, white or yellow trim (yellow or black trimmed hats are non returnable). Maximum hat size 24 3/8". These hats come standard with a stretcher, it will keep your hat the perfect size and shape while you are not wearing it.

Made in USA

Item # H-2450

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